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The Buggypod 'sidecar'

This new clip-on child seat is a perfect way to have an older child ride in a 'sidecar' when you're out with your pushchair, without the bulk of a twin buggy or need for a stepboard.

Posted: 18 December 2006
by Sarah Lawson

If you've had enough of your older child moaning that his legs are tired when you're out with your baby in a buggy, but you hate the way a back-fitting stepboard makes you have to lean across your child to reach your pushchair, AND you feel that simply buying a double buggy isn't worth the expense, the new Buggypod might be for you.
Designed by Stephanie Rohl, the Buggypod was designed when the mother of three had her second child. She didn't want to dump her existing pram but she still needed a safe, comfortable and practical way for her older child to get around with her.
The Buggypod is a clip-on/clip-off sidecar which makes it ideal for times when you want a double buggy and times when you just need it to be a single. When not in use, it folds down neatly, making it easy to carry with you on days when it's hard to plan ahead.
It carries children up to 15kg in weight.
The Buggypod is new but it's already won an award for innovation. It costs £79.95 (rrp) and an additional raincover or sunshade costs £17.95. It comes with a bracket to attach to a pushchair, but you can get additional brackets (£9.95 each) if you want to be able to click it onto different pushchairs without refitting the original bracket.
For more about how it works, visit or call 0870 850 3463 for stockist information.

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