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The Kidsleep 'picture clock'

A perfect visual way to help toddlers get used to going back to bed in the night.

Posted: 11 May 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

A week of our daughter getting up at 6am - instead of her regular 7am - has left me and her dad looking like we've been out on the town for a month, only without the party! However, it has also reminded me that here at ThinkBaby, we've been meaning to write about the Kidsleep device that's now available in the UK after doing really well in Europe.

Setting a normal alarm clock isn't much good for most young children. For a start, few can tell the time before they're five years old! Also, it doesn't symbolise nighttime to a child, it's just a set of numbers. This is especially baffling for children in the summer when it gets light very early, or in winter when they should be getting up but it still looks like nighttime.

The Kidsleep is a picture clock. You set the timer and the clock's picture either shows a cute little creature sleeping happily, or frollicking about because it's time to get up.

This simple imagery works for children as young as two, and can really help get them into a routine of instinctively knowing when it's good to get up, and when to leave slumbering mum and dad in peace!

Wishful thinking, you might say. But it does seem to work after a few days, with even the hardened early risers and night-wakers.

It also works as a nightlight for babies and has a sounding alarm which you can set for older infants.

It's currently being sold in John Lewis but you can buy direct (£35 including postage and packing) from the Arf Kids website.

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