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The Prémaxx Baby-Bag Sling

An innovative way to carry your baby around – up to 18 months!

Posted: 12 May 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

Prémaxx Baby-Bag Sling

For many people, using a sling or carrier in the early months of their baby's life is a useful way to keep flexible when travelling (no huge pushchair to lug) and to keep baby reassuringly close. For more about the differences between slings and carriers, go to the Buyer's Guide to Slings and Carriers.

The Prémaxx Baby-Bag lasts longer
Some models of sling and carrier can be used for longer than just a few months, but the adaptability of the new Prémaxx Baby-Bag means it can convert from being a close-to sling when your baby is small, but change into a hip seat carrier as your baby grows, taking the weight of an infant up to around 18 months old!
Suitable as a sling from birth (2kgs), the Baby-Bag can be positioned so that a new baby is in a safe recline position as you get about - whether you want your hands free around the house, or you are out and about nipping into shops, on the bus, on holiday or whatever, without the need for wheels.

Well designed for baby's comfort and yours
The Prémaxx has an integral soft, padded based which helps support even a young baby's back and neck, and which also affords the infant a good amount of room. (Some material-only slings do tend to swaddle a baby very close-to. Obviously some people like this feature, while others will prefer the freedom the Prémaxx affords.)
The position for new babies is said to be 'the fetal position', so it's a familiar sensation for your new child. Up to five months, this laying position is used, and after around five months onwards your child can sit up safely in it.
The straps are easy to adjust, so even when parents of differing heights are using it regularly, it doesn't take a minute to get it set to ensure the minimum back strain.

The Prémaxx Baby-Bag complies with safety standard EN13209-2/2005. It's made from 100 per cent cotton and is machine washable.
It is available in a range of colours, from functional greys and blues, to bright stripes, pinks and oranges.

The Baby-Bag has an RPP of £34.95. For UK stockist details, go to

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i bought 1 of these and coulnt get my baby girl 2 look cumfy in it and still felt like a had 2 hold it with my hands she is now 9weeks i will give it another go now shes bigger but when she was tiny her head was on her chest not 2 good i thought 4 breathin .she did not look like they do on the instructions

Posted: 13/05/2008 at 17:37

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