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The Truuuly Scrumptious book of organic baby purée

All the basics about weaning, plus inspiration to go organic

Posted: 28 March 2008
by Louise Rogers

The Truuuly Scrumptious book of organic baby purées by Topsy Fogg and Janice Fisher

All the basics about weaning, plus inspiration to go organic
Some of the recipes look long and involved, which may be off-putting
Features: Introduction to weaning, plus recipes, hints and tips for feeding your baby through his first year
Price: £9.99
Contact: Vermilion

With advice coming from all sides regarding weaning, much of it contradictory, what you really need is something that feels authoritative, knowledgeable and is easy to understand. This book fulfils that brief admirably, with everything you need to know about when to wean, and what to start with. It will tell you what equipment you really need (not a great deal) and offer inspiration for foods to feed your baby, and hints for giving him a healthy start in life.

The authors are the founders of organic frozen baby food brand Truuuly Scrumptious, which has won many awards since its launch in 2001, so they know their stuff, and will try to persuade you that organic is best – but even if you don’t always buy organic, the recipes and advice are still valid. You may wonder why you might need a recipe book for simple purées and in truth if that’s all this book offered it would be superfluous, but with recipes for later stages of weaning and all the other advice, it’s a great source of information. The later-stage recipes look long and involved, but in fact they are just very thoroughly explained, a great help if you’re not an expert cook.

This book may lack the glossy photography of, say, an Annabel Karmel book, but its easy-to-follow layout and quirky illustrations make it easy to dip into and find what you need. Indeed, the ‘rough’ paper helps add to the overall organic feel of the book.

The ThinkBaby verdict

An excellent book on weaning, essential if you want to make as much of your baby’s food yourself as possible
Usefulness: 5/5
Readability: 4/5

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The Truuuly Scrumptious book of organic baby purées

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I have bought this book and can really reccomend it. Easy recipes for the purees and lots of helpful tips on weaning x

Posted: 01/04/2008 at 11:48

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