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Tomy Baby Sshh Advertorial

The new scientifically developed melody toy

Posted: 19 January 2009
by Tomy

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The average baby cries for up to three hours a day. Tomy, expert in baby products, understands this can be emotionally and physically draining for parents, that’s why it has developed Baby Sshh, a unique and amazing melody toy that turns a crying baby to a smiling baby with the push of a button.

Created in collaboration with a leading acoustic laboratory, Baby Sshh features scientifically developed melodies with changing tempo and powerful ‘curiosity triggers’. Baby Sshh’s special melodies will help a crying baby to become instantly enthralled, forgetting the reason why she was upset.

Recent research with mothers proved the effectiveness of this revolutionary musical toy:

  • 96% of the parents said that Baby Sshh stopped baby crying.
  • After having tried Baby Sshh, 83% of mothers would buy the product.
  • 92% would recommend it to friends.
  • Pete Cartlidge, father of Lexie says: “Basically IT WORKS! Lexie was distracted by the various noises coming from the toy and it seemed to 'snap her out' of her discomfort.”

    Baby Sshh is supported by Cry-sis, a charity offering support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. Tomy will donate £1 to charity Cry-sis for every Baby Sshh sold on the Tomy website.

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    Baby Sshh Bee also is an ideal playmate even if your baby is perfectly happy. It has additional interactive activities, including squeakers, crinkly fabric and dangly arms and feet to keep baby entertained, plus a velcro strap that enables Baby Sshh to be attached to a highchair, cot etc so its never far away! You really have to get your baby to try it to believe it!*

    Trust Tomy.

    For your chance to win a Tomy Baby Sshh click here
    Find out more about the Tomy Baby Sshh at

    * Baby Sshh is not intended to stop a baby from crying when there is a genuine cry for help such as illness, hunger, tiredness etc.

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