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Ultra Mat car seat protector

Chunky metal frames for car seats, and crumbs of food can make a real mess of your back seat, so check out protector mats like this one.

Posted: 16 February 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Ultra Mat car seat protector
A baby’s first car seat might be prone to dribbles and the odd posset of milk, but you really know it once your child is old enough to nibble snacks or distribute the lunchtime crumbs from their clothes onto the back seat of your car!
By the time you have fitted car seats with their hefty, solid metal frames as well, you can cause serious damage to the upholstery. And if you have just spent a fortune on a new family car, you might well need the nifty Ultra Mat, a specially padded cover which protects the fabric of your car seat but also helps ensure that the car seat itself doesn’t slip out of position.
The Ultra Mat comes in two parts so that it is flexible enough to fit any kind of car seat and safety fixings, and can be used with rear or front facing seats, as well as booster seats for older children.
It also comes with storage pockets, so children have somewhere to keep those dreaded messy snacks of theirs!

The Ultra Mat has an RRP £19.99, from Sunshine Kids. For more, go to

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