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Zita West antenatal classes

New one-day courses for parents-to-be, Super Sundays are perfect for busy parents who can't make endless NHS classes

Posted: 22 May 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

Zita West antenatal classes
Babycare before birth
It is really useful to attend antenatal classes a couple of months before your baby is due. It helps you and your partner focus on what is ahead, even if it can’t fully prepare you for the reality of new parenthood!
However, as parents-to-be find it increasingly difficult to get into over-subscribed hospital antenatal classes, let alone get enough time to either spend a series of weekday evenings or afternoons away from work to attend them, the one-off private antenatal class has become increasingly popular.
Whether you want to go for classes specifically dedicated to a certain field of birthing (eg active birthing sessions like those taught by Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth Centre or meditative birthing sessions like those taught at Natal Hypnotherapy) or one-off sessions at a pre-baby weekend retreat, you can get a lot out of spending this precious time with your partner and other couples like you.

Zita West’s Super-Sundays
Well-respected pregnancy and parenting guru Zita West has now started one-day sessions which teach an antenatal course based on her expertise and experience of helping couples prepare for birth.
‘I have launched this new service as I’m aware that couples are busy and want all the information condensed into one day, but also to feel that they are being supported and have got somewhere to go if in difficulty,’ says West.
At her clinic, the midwives are experienced in clinical knowledge but are also trained for teaching. They come from a mixture of backgrounds including NHS, private and independent sectors. They are also qualified in different areas of complementary therapies so are able to provide a holistic approach to the antenatal sessions.

Super-Sundays for physical and emotional preparation
Sessions within the one-day course include:

  • Countdown to labour and how to really prepare your body and build up your reserves
  • The right nutrition
  • The importance of brain development of the baby in the third stage of pregnancy
  • The right mindset to get through labour and the importance of how being positive can effect labour
  • Your relationship with your partner in labour and in the early days following the birth
  • Relaxation techniques for stress reduction
  • Thinking about yourselves as parents
  • Connecting with your baby pre and post labour
  • Managing stress levels and expectations
  • Complementary therapies in preparation for labour and how to use them
  • Pain relief and positions for labour
  • Breathing during labour
  • Top tips for getting through labour
  • The early days and transition into parenthood

All couples attending are given an information pack to take away, plus Zita West’s book ‘Babycare Before Birth’ and a bottle of Back Ease massage oil to help them through labour.

Couples interested should phone the clinic for details of dates available. Price per couple £245. For more information go to

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