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New mum Victoria Beckham pounced on for looking grumpy

Leave the woman alone we say, she's just had a baby for goodness sake!

Posted: 23 August 2011
by Daniella Delaney
Victoria and David Beckham and family
Is it any wonder that new mum Victoria Beckham has been looking drained the last few days?

Another day, another Victoria Beckham story. This time the ex-Spice girl under fire for being papped looking knackered and grumpy in the back of her car.

We say: 'for goodness sake, the woman's just had a baby!'. And number 4 to boot. Let's all remember that Victoria gave birth just over a month ago, so right now she's in that place where her baby daughter will just have found her super-strength lungs and is probably driving both David and Victoria round the bend. 

Add this to the fact that she's a new mummy who's suffering from severe back pain thanks to a slipped disc. And let's not forget that on top of that Victoria is recovering from Caesarean number four and is expected to head back to work any day to attend New York fashion week. It's no surprise that Victoria's latest tweet to fans sounded less energetic than the messages she's been sending out of late. ""Thank u for your kind messages. I'm feeling much better and enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper. I'm so in love. x VB" Can we detect the knackered-ness in her typing?

For once we're seeing a celebrity mummy being real - she's in pain and she's stressed out. We don't want anyone to suffer, but surely these images of Victoria are way better than the idea of the perfect A-lister mummy who pretends parenthood is a breeze.

Thankfully, 'keeping it mummy real' seems to be a growing trend in celeb-land. We've had Pink's new mummy meltdown and the Eastender star who's admitted that holding-in pants are the way she stays in shape.  So, just this once Victoria is having a momentary lapse in the euphoric haze she's been radiating since giving birth to baby Harper. We've all been there. Keep your chin up Victoria

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