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“Snapping back” – the pressure of the post-baby body

Are celeb new mums setting a bad example to the rest of us?

Posted: 24 August 2011
by Kimberley Smith

Miranda Kerr
These genes are the reason Miranda is a supermodel. And doesn't have a new-mum-tum

Whether it’s the rise of celebrity mums and their access to round-the-clock personal training, or health scares in the headlines, there’s no doubt that there’s more pressure on new mums than ever to get back to their pre-baby weight in double-quick time.

Every day’re are bombarded with shots of Miranda Kerr and Abbey Clancy looking irritatingly leggy and flaunting not the tiniest flap of post-pregnancy skin on their washboard tums. The fact that this is the result of the genes that made them famous in the first place and huge sums of money are conveniently ignored and new mums the world over are left crossly pinching those extra few inches that once padded and protected their newborn.

Victoria Beckham has been dragged through the rumour mill this week for the (probably completely untrue) “five hands” diet, she’s reportedly on to lose the tiny amount of weight she put on with Harper. But as every mum (including Posh) knows conceiving, pregnancy, birth and new motherhood is all about the baby, and immediate post-baby diets aren’t going to do much for your milk stores or the time you’d rather spend bonding.

Eat healthy and get out and about with your buggy by all means, but mums remember, we’re not being papped wherever we go, so ditch the spanx and dig out the trackies. This is a precious time in your life where most people will be impressed that you’ve found time to get dressed for them, don’t fritter it away racing up and down the park with your jogger buggy.


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