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Trying for a baby in 2010?

If trying to conceive is on your to do list this year, try out our mums’ New Year tips for boosting fertility

Posted: 20 January 2010
by Celia Morgan

Trying for a baby in 2010? "This year I’m giving up smoking and carrying on with healthy eating. Last year I let trying for a baby take over my life so I’m going to try not to dwell on something that hasn’t happened yet and enjoy what I have. It will happen when it happens."

"I’d like to keep better track of my cycle so that I know we’re trying at the right time of the month. I have a regular cycle so it shouldn’t be too difficult but we never seem to pick the right moment!"

"This year I’m going to start acupuncture as I’ve read that it can increase chances of conception. My partner and I have been trying for nearly a year and acupuncture is my last resort to boost my fertility."

"I will be eating better and using my new fab Wii Fit Plus every night to help me to lose some weight. I will also be taking folic acid to prepare my body and trying to give up smoking too. I found out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in September after actively trying for18 months so I’m going to talk to my doctor to find out why it’s taking so long! I’ve been recommended to try the Clearblue ovulation kit by a friend who swore by it – no more fiddly ovulation strips and unclear lines!"

"I have joined a gym and my hubby and I are both on a diet. My husband is also eating more fish to keep up his zinc levels and we’ll be eating more fruit. We’ve also cut right down on alcohol. Apart from Christmas week, I’ve only had the odd glass of wine and my husband is toying with stopping drinking altogether for the next five weeks (until we go on holiday!). I’m not very good at remembering the folic acid though so I need to find a better way to remind myself."

"I’m going to encourage my husband to make changes to his lifestyle. I take folic acid, I’ve given up alcohol and I’ve been keeping track of my cycle while all he does is enjoy the trying! So it’s time for him to cut down on alcohol too."

"My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 12 months and have had two miscarriages which has been completely heartbreaking. It’s been so hard not to let it consume me which only makes me stressed and just adds to the difficulty of getting pregnant. My son was conceived within a couple of months, I was so relaxed then because we just thought let’s have fun trying and I’m sure that’s why I got pregnant quickly. Stress plays a big part of it but after trying for a long time and not succeeding it’s impossible not to let it bother you!"

"I’ve decided to try and chill out more. Work’s been really stressful for the last six months and I think trying for a baby needs to take priority – but I’m going to try not to get to stressed about that either!"

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from someone who spent 2 years trying - I would recommend taking your temperature/ ovulation prediction. It was only when we started to follow this method that it dawned that there really were just a few days a month to conceive. Far from taking the fun out of things it actually means that you can chill out for most of the month and take things as they come - then a concentrated effort at the right time.

my first baby is due April 2010

Posted: 20/01/2010 at 09:45

hope you have a wonderful birth and MANY congratulations on your first baby!!! I had clomid to get my 3rd baby - 1 and 2 were conceived naturally but then i married again and i had been having the contraceptive injection and this stopped me ovulating properly, but it worked and i have now just had baby no.7!!!!! LOL one big happy family!!! loads of luck again xxxxxxxx

Posted: 04/02/2010 at 22:05

i have been trying to conceive fos ova a year nw...i am 7weeks late and all pregnancy tests come bak negative....i am takin folic acid everyday and nothing is happenin....y is my period so late if i'm nt pregnant?can any 1 gve me advice please.x

Posted: 21/02/2011 at 17:12

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