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Zita West's new TTC guide

Fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West has published a valuable book to inspire, reassure and support couples when they are trying for a baby

Posted: 25 February 2008
by Sarah Lawson

Plan to get Pregnant by Zita West
Zita West is a renowned expert who runs a clinic helping couples when they are trying for a baby.
Even those who do not encounter any fertility problems often have many questions: the best odds for successful conception; ensuring the optimum chances for their baby's health; and questions about the emotional as well as physical aspects of TTC (trying to conceive).
Judging by the questions, advice and support exchanged every day on the Thinkbaby Forums, this is a field of expertise that is much valued by many!

Plan to get Pregnant by Zita West, £14.99
Whether the reader is just starting to think about trying for a baby, or is having trouble conceiving, there's lots of sound advice, medical explanation and useful tips in these pages.
Broken into ten steps from the first decision to try for a baby right up to a healthy and successful pregnancy, the book is well designed and easy to follow. Clearly laid out chapters and sub-headings, with diagrams and photographs, really help, so you don't feel you have to wade through hundreds of pages before you get into bed!
Like ThinkBaby, you can find specific conditions, concerns and experiences quite easily in the different sections of Pre-Conception, Fertility and Conception. And whilst this book is not as 'searchable' as a website can be, the indexing and chapter headings do make this book easy to navigate – a useful companion when you're not in front of a computer.

Good advice beyond the medical facts
As well as useful and reassuring information about medical conditions which might affect your chances of successful conception, the book addresses emotional and relationship issues which often get forgotten in text books about pregnancy.
Through a series of posed questions, West addresses many of the issues which concern men and women when they are trying for a baby, as well as offering advice about what to eat and how to look after yourself during this time.
The book after offers a series of questionnaires you can gauge your progress: whether or not you may have any potential problems that could affect your chances of pregnancy; to check if you are coping with the emotional experience of TTC, and to gauge if your early pregnancy is going well.

It can be a tricky time but an exciting one, and this book is a very positive support aid to have on hand.
For more, go to the Dorling Kindersley website.

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