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Mother defies the odds to deliver twins from double uterus
Chances are five million to one of non-identical twins being born from two separate uteruses

21 September 2011

Why mums of twins live longer
New research shows women who have multiple births tend to outlive other mums

12 May 2011

Mum gives birth to two sets of twins in one year
Hazel Bowden is the only woman in the UK to have two double deliveries within 12 months

13 April 2010

Twins born at exactly the same time
Baby girls enter the world together during double delivery

09 April 2010

Eating Well When You're Expecting Twins
You might hear the phrase 'eating for two' when you're pregnant, but what if you're having twins... or more?

09 September 2009

Pregnant with twins
Double trouble or double fun? What's the deal with being pregnant with twins?

06 January 2009

Expecting twins - is it risky?
Does being pregnant with twins carry more risk, and is it much harder work than expecting one baby?

07 November 2008

Fetal development for twins: The third trimester
Weeks 28 to 37 and perhaps beyond: Getting ready for birth

24 September 2008

Fetal development of twins: Second trimester
This is the trimester when you'll feel and see movement from your twins and you'll probably be reaching for the maternity clothes sooner than you think

21 September 2008

Fetal development for twins: The first trimester
How twin pregnancies occur and how your babies develop in the early weeks

19 September 2008

Breastfeeding twins: Where to start
Breastfeeding twins can be a daunting prospect, but while it takes more commitment and time than feeding one baby, it can be done. Here's how to get off on the right track

18 March 2008

Weight gain in multiple pregnancy
Any pregnancy will bring on extra weight gain, but what is safe and what should you expect, if you are expecting at least two babies?

03 December 2007

Tamba - The Twins and Multiple Births Association
Tamba offers information and support for parents expecting a multiple birth

03 October 2007

There are 13 articles
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