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Mother defies the odds to deliver twins from double uterus

Chances are five million to one of non-identical twins being born from two separate uteruses

Posted: 21 September 2011
by Sophie Westnedge
Double Uterus
Mother defies odds of five million to one to deliver non-identical twins from two separate uteruses

Andreea Barbosa, 24, has defied the odds of one in five million to deliver twins from two separate uteruses. 

Andreea and her husband Miguel welcomed the arrival of non-identical twins Nathan and Natalie on September 15th. Born four weeks early the doctors have said that both mother and babies are healthy. Nathan, who was born first, weighed 5lb 8oz and Natalie, born two minutes later, weighed 5lb 10oz.

The 24-year-old has uterus didelphys, also called double uterus, which is a rare condition that affects about one in 2,000 women worldwide and is sometimes not even diagnosed.

Andreea is said to have been “shocked” to learn that she had a baby in each uterus. Dr Patricia St John, one of Andreea’s doctors, commented on the pregnancy to ABC News. “Because we were aware of her condition, we were able to ensure that both mother and babies would be healthy.”

Another successful birth of twins from separate uteruses was reported this year when 28-year-old Rinku Devi gave birth on July 29th. Experts estimate that only about one in five million such pregnancies succeed.

Andreea,who already has a young daughter, said she’s grateful for the two extraordinary additions to her family.“My husband and I are just so happy that they are here and healthy,” she added.

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