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Twins born at exactly the same time

Baby girls enter the world together during double delivery

Posted: 9 April 2010
by Tessa Watkins
Half brother and sister Alfie and Scarlett Marie were born just five days apart
Twins Nikita and Nadine were born in the same minute

New mum Kayleigh Rooney-Wilson, 23, gave birth to her twin girls at exactly the same time. Little Nikita was born straight after her sister Nadine, and no time separates the pair on their birth certificates.

“It all went by so quickly. It was scary because you expect a gap between each baby,” said Kayleigh.

Her mum, Sandra, 48, caught one of the babies. “The midwives thought the birth was about 30 minutes away but suddenly both babies popped out at the same time and I caught Nikita,” said Sandra. “Kayleigh basically delivered the babies herself because it all happened at once. The staff were fantastic and started to resuscitate Nikita, who had stopped breathing. It was a hairy experience, but I am one proud grandmother.”

The twins are now at home in Liverpool with Kayleigh after being born five weeks early. An Ormskirk hospital spokesman said twins were usually separated by several minutes. “Both babies really did come out straight after each other – it is a very rare occurrence. It just goes to show, you can’t stop nature.”

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