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Why mums of twins live longer

New research shows women who have multiple births tend to outlive other mums

Posted: 12 May 2011
by Tara Montague
Mum with twin boys on a a beach
Mums of twins have longer to enjoy their darlings

Good news for mums to multiples! If you've got twins you're likely to live longer.

Scientists have discovered that stronger, healthier women are more likely to have twins naturally. Hence, when they have their two children, rather than the double childbirth and bringing up two babies together prematurely aging them, as has tended to be the view, they actually live longer and are more fertile.

Records of 58,786 women in the US from the 1800s were analysed. From this number 4603 were discovered to have twins. It's from their records that the results have come about.

"It's the largest historic natural fertility data set of twin mothers yet published," said report co-author Shannen Robson

The report's authors are keen to stress however that the results don't necessarily extend to women who've had twins as a result of infertility treatment.

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