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Baby Björn Babysitter Balance

A cool baby chair that looks good and has some nifty features - it rocks!

Posted: 17 February 2009
by Debra Stottor

Baby Björn Babysitter Balance This may look like a normal bouncy chair, albeit a nice smart one, but look a little closer and you’ll see that the Baby Björn Babysitter Balance is much cleverer than most.

Baby Björn Babysitter Balance - safety and comfort
The first bonus is that your baby can lie back in safety and comfort in this chair right from birth (most don’t go flat enough); the second is that he can keep using the chair right up to the age of two (most become unstable long before this). This is thanks to the chair’s great adjustability: there are three recline positions (sleep, rest and play), and the safety harness and toy can be easily removed when your child is able to get in and out of the chair on his own.

A gentle, calming experience
Babies love to rock and be rocked, and sitting in the Babysitter Balance it’s your baby’s own movements that create the rocking motion – so no need for batteries or for you to keep bending over to bounce him.
The resulting calm, natural rocking motion will keep your child happy and content as well as help him to develop important motor skills and balance. Add the custom-made wooden toy to keep him entertained, but if even that can’t keep him awake and he rocks himself to sleep while in a more upright position, adjusting the seat is easy and quiet, with a safety latch to keep him secure.
Anti-glide strips on the base mean he can’t go skating across a slippery floor, and that your floor will not be marked by the seat.
The seat is ergonomically designed so that it provides the correct support for your baby’s back and head – in fact, it will mould itself to your baby’s body. And if you need to take it to granny’s, it folds flat and takes up little storage space.

A great looking piece of nursery furniture
The Babysitter Balance is available in six colours – and because both seat fabric and safety harness are reversible, each offers four different combinations. The canvas fabric is guaranteed harmless to small children’s sensitive skin, and because no nasty dyes are used, he won’t come to any harm if he chews it either (babies do love to put things in their mouths…).
As you’d expect the fabric is easily removed for machine washing so you can keep the chair looking pristine whatever your baby does to it. For cooler weather there’s a Cozy Cover that fits over the top of the seat and wraps around your baby. It’s made from breathable soft terry fabric and will keep him warm and comfy.

Vital statistics
Price £99.90
Accessories Cozy cover, £34.99, Wooden toy, £24.99
Age suitability 0-2 years (3.5-13kg)
Colours dark blue/blue, blue/silver, brown/beige, green/lime, black/red, black/silver
Floor space required 39x79cm
Machine washable fabric? Yes
Foldable? Yes
More information www.babybjorn.com

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