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Infantino baby sling recalled over safety concerns

US product safety agency and Infantino are both urging parents to stop using the SlingRider carrier

Posted: 25 March 2010
by Cassandra Kempster-Roberts
Infantino SlingRider - recalled over safety concerns
Infantino has urged parents in America, Europe and the UK to stop using the SlingRider, a baby-style baby sling.

Parents are being advised to stop using the Infantino ‘SlingRider’ or ‘Wendy Bellissimo’ sling by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), reports the Telegraph. The sling has been linked to a few deaths in America, according to coverage on the BBC.

Infantino is also advising American and UK parents to stop using the baby sling. "Our top priority is the safety of infants whose parents and caregivers use our products," said the company president, Jack Vresics, on the Infantino website.

Infantino has said parents should get in touch for a free replacement product, by calling 0800 008 6927 or heading to the website.

Infantino said it is committed to working with the Trading Standards in the UK and the CPSC in America to continue investigating baby slings.

Yesterday, Infantino released the following statement:

"At Infantino, our top priority is the safety of infants whose parents and caregivers use our products, and we highly value the trust that mothers and families place in the company’s products every day.  Infantino has a well-earned reputation for designing safe and enjoyable products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

“Infantino is announcing a voluntary replacement program for the Infantino SlingRider infant baby carriers to address concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This action is being taken in the US & Canada and also the UK and other European countries.

“Our company is comprised of moms (sic), dads, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents and we care deeply about the quality and safety of our products. Safety is our number one concern and today's announcement of a free replacement program reflects this commitment.  As an industry leader, Infantino has also been working closely with CPSC and other agencies, as well as the international agency ASTM to develop safety standards for baby slings to ensure that these products are safe and that they are used appropriately.  We will continue to play a leadership role in the industry and to cooperate closely with CPSC as it continues its investigation of all baby slings."

“Consumers should stop using the recalled slings immediately and contact Infantino to receive a free replacement product.

“Consumers can contact Infantino at 0800 008 6927 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.infantino.com."

The Infantino SlingRider product recall follows hot on the heels of the general baby sling safety warning the CPSC made earlier this March. The safety warning didn’t single out any brands or models, but focused on the risk of suffocation and how to minimise it.

The CPSC explained there were two ways that baby slings could pose a suffocation risk. Firstly, a very young baby doesn’t have enough neck muscle strength to control its own head. The sling’s fabric could cover the nose and mouth, block their breathing and suffocate them. Secondly, slings that put your baby in a curved “C” position (as the Infantino SlingRider does) can make your baby’s chin goes towards their chest, which restricts the airway. This can reduce the amount of oxygen your baby gets and could lead to suffocation.

The CPSC made some handy safety suggestions for parents using baby slings:

  • Ensure your baby’s face isn’t covered
  • Ensure you can see your baby’s face at all times
  • If you’re feeding your baby in the sling, change your baby’s position once they’re done, so their head is facing up, clear of the sling and your body
  • Ensure you check on your baby frequently
  • If your baby’s premature, a twin, has “fragile health” or is a low weight, be extra careful and see your doctor about using a sling

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I used the infantino baby sling for my second baby when she four weeks old.I felt that the sling did not support my baby's head or back and that she too closed in,I stopped using it after a few days.

Posted: 25/03/2010 at 22:13

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