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Reusable nappy accessories

A few gadgets and a bit of prep and using real nappies is just as easy as disposables

Posted: 16 November 2010
by Kimberley Smith

Real nappy vs the washing machine

Reusable nappy preparations

As long as you’re prepared, reusable nappies won’t cause you any more of a headache than a pile of dirty disposables.

Real nappy accessories

Nappy nippas – the modern equivalent of a safety pin, this nifty product helps secure real nappies in place.

Flushable liners – These are fab at minimising your contact with poo. Just flush any solids down the loo as they’re biodegradable or if you’re being really green, many are reusable.

When it comes to caring for your nappies, here’s what you seen to streamline the process:

Nappy buckets & pails – you can get these in funky colours if you so wish and modern buckets come with tight fitting lids that keep odours in!

Wet nappy bags – great for out and about when you need to do a quick change and a plastic bag just won’t cut it.

Mesh laundry bag – these can be hung inside your nappy bucket to collct the nappies. When the bag’s full, you can tie it up with a drawstring and sling the whole lot in the washing machine with clean hands. Genius!

Nappy soak – Not all nappies require soaking and you may prefer not to bother. Check with your brand of nappies for manufacturer’s recommendations. You can use natural antibacterial oils such as tea tree to disinfect or buy a purpose-made nappy soak.

Wipes – You’ll be getting through more of these than nappies so if you’re trying to green-up, it’s worth looking into your options. You can buy reusable cotton wipes that will biodegrade or biodegradable disposables.  It’s also worth checking what chemicals are in your brand especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

Find out more about reusable nappies and how to care for them.

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