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Sneak preview of new baby Uggs

Be the first to get a look at the super cute sandals best dressed mums and little ones will be wearing next year

Posted: 14 November 2011
by Daniella Delaney
Ugg Yai Yai baby sandals
Ugg Yai Yai baby sandals. How cute!

We "heart" Uggs at Think Baby so were thrilled to be invited along to a sneak preview to see what the comfy boot specialist has on offer for mums and babies for next year.

Lots of loveliness is the answer. Our faves have to be the oh-so-cute Yai Yais. A cross between a flip-flop and a sandal with a little bit of the Ugg trademark wool for extra comfiness, these summer hotties are bound to be a hit with on-trend mummies everywhere.

For mums looking for something that's more of a shoes, what about the very sweet Ugg Zach little boy's shoes in blue and chocolate colour - the perfect thing to finish off a dressy outfit for your little man.

And for the ultimate mini-me, why not treat your baby to a pair of mummy's miniature Ugg boots. The tiny Erin designs come in baby pink, chestnut and sand and make a fabulously different christening pressie for new mums.

Mums like to feel comfortable, so we were very pleased to see that Uggs were catering for keeping feet cosy while chic with a selection of wedges and clogs for mummy for summer. Here in the TB office we're coveting the Tawnie wedges and the ankle-tie Luciana which comes with matching accessories.

Prices for the spring/summer Ugg collection are still under wraps, but we're going to start saving our pennies now in anticipation.

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