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Medela launches bottle that mimics breastfeeding

Medela’s brand-new Calma bottle designed to help babies move from breast to bottle and back to breast again

Posted: 6 July 2010
by Cassandra Kempster-Roberts

Medela's new feeding device - the Calma bottle
Medela has launched a new feeding bottle that aims to make combining breast and bottle easier

Medela - the name behind those highly regarded breast pumps - has just launched a new baby feeding bottle, the Calma.

This new ‘feeding device’ works differently to your usual bottle. The Calma forces your baby to use the same technique she’s learnt for getting milk from the breast. So why is that good news? Well, it means moving between breast and bottle is easier, because your baby uses the same feeding technique for both.

The Calma has stemmed from years of research. Donna Geddes, a lactation researcher, found that babies feed from the breast in a different way to what was previously thought. Using ultrasound technology, Donna realised that a baby uses a combo of up and down tongue movements to control the flow of breast milk, and that it’s actually a vacuum action that gets the milk out of the breast.

“Medela has taken this new information and has done remarkably well in incorporating the research into a product designed to support the breastfeeding mother. I am thrilled to have played a part in such an important development and am delighted that our findings have formed the core of this innovative feeding device,” said Donna.

The Calma is BPA-free and is available exclusively in Mothercare for £11.99.

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