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New self-sterilising anti-colic bottle from MAM

No steriliser unit needed with MAM’s clever new baby feeding bottle

Posted: 6 September 2010
by Cassandra Kempster-Roberts

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle - green
Cute and very, very clever, this bottle can clean itself without the need for a separate steriliser unit.

MAM has just released its new innovative Anti-Colic bottle, which the company says can help reduce colic by 80%. And while that sounds nifty enough, it’s the ability for this bottle to sterilise itself that really caught our attention!

Whether you’re just after a handy at-home solution, or you often head out and don’t want yet another bit of baby kit to cart with you “just in case”, the MAM Anti-Colic bottle does away with the need for a separate steriliser unit. You take the base, fill it with water, place the other bottle pieces (such as the teat) on the base, then sit the bottle body onto the base. You put on the bottle cap, heat in the microwave for three minutes, and it’s done.

In terms of being an anti-colic feeding option, the base ventilation is designed ensure a smooth flow, so your baby doesn’t swallow air. The extra-soft MAM teat is meant to make switching between breast and bottle easier.

Our sister site, MadeForMums, is currently putting the bottle through its paces, so stay tuned to see how well it lives up to the hype.

The bottle can be purchased as a single pack (in pink, blue or green) for £4.29 for 130ml size, £4.49 for 160ml size and £4.99 for 260ml. You can also buy packs of three, at £12.49 for the 160ml size and £13.99 for the 260ml size. Style wise, the 3-pack is available in “girl”, containing two pink and one purple; “boy” with two blue and one green; and “unisex”, which offers three green.

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