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Music direct to your unborn babies ears

Bump headphones pipe favourite tunes through the womb to your unborn babies ears. We check it out at The Baby Show

Posted: 17 October 2011
by Kimberley Smith
The Ritmo bump headphones for unborn baby
Play your fav tunes to your unborn baby using the brand new Ritmo!

This is one for the mum-to-be who has everything! The Ritmo music belt works like headphones for your bump. It fixes onto your belly with an elasticated belt that grows as you do, and has four speakers that play music to reach your baby’s ears through the amniotic fluid.

Experts are forever telling us to talk and sing to our bumps and it’s known that babies can hear what’s going on out here in the word from the second trimester. The Ritmo takes this to the next level, claiming to customise the music to a level and frequency that’s optimal for your baby’s stimulation.

Plug in your mp3 player (which slots into a handy pocket on the belt) and let your baby rock out to your favourite tunes. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to influence your tot’s future music taste!

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