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What to buy for your baby's nursery

Confused as to what to buy for your baby's nursery? From a cotbed to sleep in and gorgeous storage, through to flooring and lighting, here are the big buys you'll be considering...

Posted: 7 October 2010
by Liz Stansfield and Kyrsty Hazell

Hensvik baby unit, from IKEA
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Nursery buy 1 - baby changing unit

If you're in a quandary over whether it's worth investing in a changing unit, rest assured that if you do decide to buy one, you'll definitely get your money's worth. A baby changing unit (or changer) can also be a focal point of your baby's nursery, too.

"A changing unit is an essential piece of furniture for a nursery,” says Kathryn Saggers, interior designer and property stylist for House Doctor. “They’re the perfect height for changing your baby without straining your back, and it’s a fantastic space and storage saver.”

Interior designer and author of Children’s Rooms, Andrea Maflin, agrees: “When your baby’s really young, it’s nice to have the flexibility to change him wherever you are in the house, so a moveable changing mat will do. But, as you settle into a routine, you’ll find it easier to have your changing area in one zone with all your equipment easily accessible.”

One of the many that caught our eye is the Hensvik baby unit, £85, from IKEA. The unit is lightweight and converts into a shelf unit when the changer is no longer required, which means it offers a great storage solution once babyhood is over.

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What to buy for your baby's nursery
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