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Fathers: feeling involved

As The Fatherhood Institute calls for the birth process to involve fathers more, we offer tips for Dads-to-Be and New Dads

Posted: 29 June 2009
by Laura Lee Davies

On ThinkBaby we have explored the value of Dad: Feeling Part of the Team and now the Fatherhood Institute has released its findings which highlight the importance for father and child, of the dad being much more involved with the birth and immediate care afterwards. They also claim that much more should be done to allow fathers this time of closeness when babies are born in hospital.

Closer contact for new dads at hospital
86 per cent of fathers now attend the birth of their child in the UK, but the Fatherhood Institute claim that almost immediately, procedures and medical training of care assistants discourages the father from staying with his new family. They suggest that more effort should be made to allow a space where fathers could even stay overnght with their partner and new baby.

For more about their findings and recommendations, go to

Involving dad from beginning to end
Most parents accept that a father's role is as important as a mother's, though it is often very different - and when it comes to pregnancy and birth, fundamentally different!
It is not always an easy time for either parent as the whole experience is new, tiring and demands a new form of communication between mum and dad, even if they have been married or lived together for years. Check out the following articles for some useful tips and insights:

Trying for a baby
There is lots that a man should know about Trying for a Baby as well as the woman in the relationship. It's also worth preparing yourself for those months when you haven't yet successfully conceived, as Dealing with Disappointment When Trying will help you stay positive as a couple.

A Partner's Role in Early Pregnancy may seem rather dislocated from what's going on inside the mum-to-be, but there is lots of support and understanding needed at what is a very exciting but often unsure time.
Even if work committments mean that you can't get to the scans and antenatal appointments with your wife or partner, there is lots you should know about Assisting Throughout Pregnancy which will not only help make the experience happier for your partner but also get you feeling involved as a dad-to-be.

Labour and Birth
It is useful for you to get familiar with the Labour and Birth process as it is your partner. Don't miss the ThinkBaby Partner's Role in Assisting Through Labour and Birth.

Being part of the new family
Whether you already have children or you are expecting your first child, dealing with a new baby is an exciting but hard new challenge. Find some useful advice in our articles New Dad: Getting to Grips with the New Realities and Dad: Feeling Part of the Team.
As well as supporting your wife or partner, and probably doing a bit more of the running around for a few weeks getting household chores done, you have a vital role to play with your new baby. Everyone needs cuddles, for a start! And you can really get involved even with Supporting Your Partner with Breastfeeding.

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