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Your embarrassing mummy moments

Mums reveal the funny things their babies do that make them cringe

Posted: 19 July 2011
by Daniella Delaney

Babies doing embarrassing things
How has your little one embarrassed you?

We asked Think Baby's fans on facebook to share their stories about the times their babies have embarrassed them. Do you have one that's worse? Please tell us...

Oh the shame!

My son embarrasses me all the time. A very butch lady got on the bus one afternoon and my son said. whys that man got long hair! she shot us dirty looks the rest of the journey. Oh the shame lol

Julie Themutha Baxter

Flashing fantastic

My daughter was sat in the trolley in Tesco and pulled her jumper up and announced very loudly: 'look, i've got boobies!' I'm sure it entertained every one in that aise and probably the next door ones too!

Gemma Park

Nappy no no!

When my son was only a few months old I was round a friends house. It's was warm so he was in shorts. And he decided to fill his nappy. I didn't notice but it leaked all down my jeans! The joys of motherhood!

Leanne Inkpen

Snap judgement

We were in Tesco and my two-year-old son shouted loudly "Don't beat me mummy!" It attracted a few sideways glances, which was pretty embarrassing! To put his comment in context, we had been playing snap earlier that day, and when I won, I'd said "Mummy beat you!" :)

Louise Lloyd-Jones

Toilet terror

I think my daughter informing everyone that 'Mummy did poo' on a day when I had been quite poorly was a definite low point. 

Rachael Buzzel

Outdoors eyeful

A few months ago when we lived in a 1st floor flat, in the morning I got my daughter dressed first and sat her on her bean bag watching Peppa Pig. I put my underwear on and bent over to pick something up with my back to her, I turned to find she had pulled the curtain wide open and a bus had stopped right outside so the whole top deck of the no29 bus saw me in just me undies bent over! To top it off I had pants on with 'oh how naughty!' written on the butt.

Rebecca Millar

Bad bra

My most cringe moment was when I  got a very surprised look from a lovely man in the supermarket as I pushed my boys in the trolley. I didn't realise my youngest had pulled my top down. If that wasn't bad enough my bra, once a bright white, was now in fact a faded pink due to a washing mishap. Shame!

Alison James

More boobs

Flashing mommys boobs to people in the street while I carried her and bags from the store.

Ingrid Inga Garacki

Knicker kid

Mine is Kayleigh who keep mentioning no matter where we are that her knickers are stuck up her bum! This included the busy a & e on sunday morning!

Paula Fazekas

Tattoo trauma

I've just thought of another one, my daughter is good at embarrassing me! We were in a shop and a man with lots (and I mean LOTS) of tattoos walks in my my daughter asks me very loudly, why is that man all dirty? We left rather quickly, he was a rather large man, lol!

Gemma Park

Potty problem

When I was potty training Hannah she chose to do a poo on my grannys sitting room carpet :( That was REALLY bad. She's not a modern granny if you know what I mean... more an old fashioned "children must be disciplined" type of woman.

Claire Taylor Hughes

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