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How to change a nappy

Step-by-step guide to nappy-changing

Posted: 3 November 2010
by Kimberley Smith

How to change a nappy

Here's a skill you'll be an expert on soon...!

Whatever nappy you're changing, you'll need these basics:

• Somewhere warm and clean to change your baby
•A changing mat or towel to lie your baby on
•A fresh nappy
•A bowl of boiled and cooled water
•A supply of cotton wool or a clean cloth
•Baby wipes if you prefer to use them
•Nappy rash cream if needed
•Towel or spare terry square
•Nappy bag or plastic bag for the dirty nappy

Click on your nappy type for a step-by-step guide. Can't decide, check out our guide to picking the perfect nappy.

Disposable nappy

Reusable nappies:


Out and about? Check our our favourite stylish changing bags.

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