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Lucy Lloyd's pregnancy diary - Month 8

Weeks 28-32: Beset by heartburn and singing...

Posted: 28 March 2003
by Lucy Lloyd

I have just started yoga classes for pregnancy and childbirth on the advice of my midwife. They are meant to leave you feeling calm and relaxed after two hours of beneficial stretching (two hours!!!). Somehow the first class didn’t live up to my expectations. Far too much navel gazing for my liking and I could have done without new mums’ excruciatingly detailed birth experiences tonight. A whole day at work and the rush to get to the class in time in the evening is probably hindering my enjoyment too. Although I’m afraid the chanting bit wasn’t really my thing either. But the bit at the end when the teacher turns the lights out, smears lavender oil on your wrists and you go to sleep is excellent (mind you, I can do that cheaper at home…)

Fascinatingly, it is apparently round about now that my baby can detect the difference between sweet and sour – maybe I should eat some Chinese chicken just to confound her. She can also close her eyes and is starting to blink. But what I find most wonderful is that she can hear my voice and recognise it. So we have begun to talk to her a lot and her father sings non-stop, which is becoming a tad annoying, especially at six in the morning.

The baby is definitely growing a lot now. My stomach is being restricted by my growing womb. I can’t seem to eat a lot in one go – it has to be little and often, especially with the wretched heartburn kicking in. I am starting to feel some movements but not many at all. I must have an incredibly lazy bairn. She is also covered with vernix – a thick white coating whose job it is to protect her skin from the amniotic fluid that she’s floating in.

Today my midwifery-led ante-natal classes started at the hospital. There is to be one per week for four weeks. Every one was there with a partner apart from a teenage mother-to-be who was on her own. It’s actually quite relaxed and informal, with not too many breathing and no whale music whatsoever. The midwives are funny and engaging, recounting the facts without trying to freak anyone out (although as first-time mothers we all look like rabbits caught in headlights…)

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