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Pregnancy Health Month 1-30 September 2007

The importance of health for you and your baby.

Posted: 28 August 2007
by Monica Stylli

The importance of health for you
Pregnancy Health Month (1-30 September) is a national campaign, aiming to inform women about looking after their health during pregnancy. During this campaign, the baby charity Tommy’s, hopes to reassure pregnant women that it is natural to feel unsure of what is best to do health-wise when expecting. Common worries include: ‘Am I getting enough sleep?’ and ‘what should or shouldn’t I be eating?’ If you are concerned about any issues regarding well-being during pregnancy then be sure to check out our Pregnancy section here on ThinkBaby.

The importance of health for your baby
Pregnancy Health Month isn’t only about mums-to-be, it also aims to highlight the importance of looking after you baby’s health.

A recent survey of more than 2,000 parents revealed that children are twice as likely to suffer eczema and other skin complaints as their parents. It is recommended that babies only be bathed three times a week but the survey found that most babies are bathed at least once a day. The results also revealed that 37 percent of baby boys and 33 percent of baby girls currently suffer from sensitive skin. Of these, 40 percent are though to have eczema with 6 percent experiencing severe symptoms.

The survey also found that 23 percent of parents use plain water to bathe their babies, a factor which may contribute to the rise in the number of cases of eczema. The chemicals found in some baby soaps, shampoos and wipes can be too harsh on a baby’s skin.

The Bod for Bubs range
If you’re looking for a gentler alternative to chemical-based baby toiletries you might like to try something from the Bod for Bubs range. Available exclusively in the UK from, the products are designed by Australian therapeutic practitioner Brett Pattinson and his partner Lorena, a naturopath and expert on children’s nutrition.

The Bod for Bubs range is free from animal ingredients, petrochemicals and parabens. The products contain Australian and certified organic ingredients where possible and are only perfumed with 100 percent pure essential oils.

Here at ThinkBaby we like the sound of the Bubbaloo Bum Spray (£7), an alcohol-free mixture of lavender water, lavender essential oil, aloe vera and calendula extract. Also available are the Bubble and Squeakie Clean bubble bath (£8) and Cowboys and Itchy Bums nappy rash cream (£10).

For more information or to buy online check out or call 0845 838 6117.

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