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How will pregnancy affect my skin?
From that longed for pregnancy glow to problem skin - we explain how pregnancy affects your skin and top tips for a great complexion

11 December 2012

How will my body change during pregnancy?
From head to toe – we explain how pregnancy changes your body

11 December 2012

6 best buys for pregnancy hair
Is your pregnancy mane causing you stress? These products are safe to use and work wonders on unruly tresses…

27 October 2011

Maternity pillows: 6 of the best
If you’re struggling to sleep and your bump is giving you the hump, you need to get yourself a maternity pillow. Here are 6 of the best out there...

13 October 2011

Which beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?
Find out whether it's safe to wax, dye, paint and pierce when you're expecting a baby

12 September 2011

How will pregnancy affect my hair?
From va-va-voom volume to limp locks, we explain everything you need to know about pregnancy hair

31 August 2011

Beyond the bump: how pregnancy changes your body
ThinkBaby’s mums reveal the weird and wonderful changes they noticed during pregnancy

15 August 2011

Does a bigger bump mean a harder birth?
Find out whether your bump size effects the baby you have

14 June 2011

Pregnancy bump size
Does having a big bump by the time you hit 38 weeks pregnant mean you're going to have a big baby? Do little bumps when you're ready to go into labour mean an easier birth.

14 June 2011

What your pregnant belly will look like
What will pregnancy do to your belly? We look at bump size and shape, itchy skin, stretchmarks, linea negra, your belly button and what to expect post-birth

23 March 2011

Pregnant women get through 25,000 litres of stretch mark cream – that’s 113,000 gallons!
Poll reveals how much money mums-to-be spend on maternity goods – and how many vitamins and oils they use

16 November 2010

When will I start to look pregnant?
When will your pregnant bump start to show?

05 October 2010

Stretch marks knock confidence of 50% of mums
Survey reveals that scarring and stretch marks after birth cause women to feel self-conscious

16 September 2010

Good posture in pregnancy
Your posture in pregnancy can help keep you feeling healthy and comfortable. Beware of a position that seems comfy for your new shape as it might lead to problems later on!

13 September 2010

Pregnancy body changes
However you feel about your pregnancy, the first time you have to loosen a waistband comes as a shock. Here's how to feel good about your body and bump.

05 September 2010

Perineal massage - how and why
Help avoid tearing or an episiotomy during birth with regular perineal massage in the final weeks of pregnancy

18 August 2010

Your perineum & how to look after it
Your perineum is important in childbirth and may be sore after giving birth, so it's good to find out about it now!

17 August 2010

Zap away stretch marks – for £1,200
US health body approves stretch mark laser that permanently reduces scarring

25 May 2010

Rosehip oil found to reduce stretch marks
Australian lab study reveals evidence that oil improves stretch marks (and wrinkles!)

21 April 2010

How much weight will I put on in pregnancy?
How much heavier can you expect to put on when you're having a baby (though not eating for two!)

25 February 2010

1 to 20 of 40 articles.
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