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Beyond the bump: how pregnancy changes your body

ThinkBaby’s mums reveal the weird and wonderful changes they noticed during pregnancy

Posted: 15 August 2011
by Kimberley Smith

Your unborn baby at 39 weeks
What changes have you noticed in pregnancy?

Pregnancy affects us all differently. Some mums-to-be enjoy that much-talked-about pregnancy “glow” while others find themselves with swollen ankles and itchy skin. We asked our ThinkBaby mums on Facebook to tell us what they noticed most about how their bodies changed when they were pregnant.

Let’s talk about boobs

Changes in this department can be popular! “My boobs grow like crazy when I’m pregnant and breastfeeding after,” says Gemma P. “With both pregnancy they have expanded five cup sizes from my normal (fairly pathetic looking) B cups to F Cups! Quite enjoying the novelty of cleavage.”

But Laura M was none-too-impressed with her “Dark, chocolate biscuit like nipples”!

Glowing skin?

Some mums-to-be really do glow. “My skin changed a lot,” explained Jenna K. “So many people told me how great I looked and I really felt amazing too, and the compliments I was getting boosted my confidence even more, I was very lucky!”

But on the other end of the scale, “I became a snake overnight!” said Joanna G. “My skin became so dry and itchy, my hubby said you could tell where I had been from the shedding… but my baby girl was worth it!”

All about hair

Some of our mums found they had wonderfully glossy manes in pregnancy but it’s not always good, though. Hair loss in pregnancy is fairly common, but did you know you can also grow downy hair in places you wouldn’t expect? “I have a hairy tummy! The joys, eh?” Louise H told us.

On the inside

Whatever changes everyone else is noticing, what’s happening inside is the most important. “I smiled all the way through my pregnancy. Even when people looked at me as though I had a disease! I never complained once and loved every minute of it,” said lucky Melanie H.

Plus, we had plenty of mums noticing their “Princess Fiona ankles”, tiredness, breathlessness and increased (and in some cases decreased) libidos. What changes did you notice?


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