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How Much Weight Will I Put on in Pregnancy?

How much heavier can you expect to get when you are having a baby?

Posted: 1 October 2009
by Laura Lee Davies

Although you might have nightmares of ballooning out of all recognition in pregnancy, the issue of pregnancy weight gain is slightly complicated by what kind of woman you are to start off with.
If you tend to put on weight when you're out on the town regularly with pals, then suddenly dropping the boozy nights will actually probably see you lose weight to start off with. Or if you tend to steer yourself towards the gooey, runny cheeses instead of the fruit bowl for dessert, again having to abstain from a small list of foods to avoid in pregnancy will help to cut the pounds.
If you have severe morning sickness you may also see weight gain develop far more slowly than in a regular pregnancy.
However, gaining weight during pregnancy is a perfectly understandable thing and you should try to celebrate your body's changing shape. It's important not to focus on fears that in the longterm your normal figure won't return after the baby is born – in fact there's every likelihood that it will return if you get back on to your normal eating and exercise regime after you have recovered from the birth and have stablised a good breastfeeding routine.

How much weight will I put on in pregnancy?
With good pregnancy diet and safepregnancy exercise, you should expect the following rate of weight gain through your three trimesters:

First three months: about 1 to 2kg (2 to 4lb) You are not likely to see any serious change in weight in the first trimester.

Four to six months: about 6kg (About 13lb) Now that your bump has started to show, you will begin to feel heavier too. However, at this stage the added weight will be mostly caused by growing boobs and the amniotic fluid (and placenta) rather than your baby himself.

Seven months to full-term: about 5kg (About 11lb) When you think that a new baby only usually weighs between six and nine pounds (or 2.7 to 4kg), it can be a bit of a shock to think that the rest of the weight is you! However, bear in mind that over the second and third trimesters, fat reserves have built up which are essential to give you strength for the birth and for the demands of early breastfeeding, plus the uterus, placenta and amniotic fluid all weigh a fair bit too!

Useful reading
Don't feel that you will have to get Back in Shape the minute you've had your baby. There's plenty of time for that once your gorgeous bundle has arrived – and anyway, who expects new mums to enter swimsuit modelling competitions anyway?!

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