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Pregnancy body changes

However you feel about your pregnancy, the first time you have to loosen a waistband comes as a shock. Here's how to feel good about your body and bump.

Posted: 5 September 2010
by Louise Rogers

woman measuring her pregnancy body

Your pregnancy body

Whether you’re a certified couch potato or an out and out gym junkie, one thing is for certain: you’re going to get bigger in the next nine months. How you deal with this is down to many factors, and you may be surprised by your reaction to your changing shape.

Learning to love your growing body

If you’re someone who’s always worked hard to maintain that perfect size 10, the loss of control over your shape and size may be disconcerting; conversely you may be revelling in your new-found freedom to eat more without feeling guilty (don’t overdo it though). For a little guidance, check out the ThinkBaby articles on Diet and Nutrition.

A growing bump doesn’t have to mean a growing rump – if you keep up some kind of exercise programme during pregnancy, chances are you’ll feel better, have an easier birth and get back into shape more easily after the birth. For more, check out the ThinkBaby articles on Exercise in Pregnancy. And do seek advice if you’re unsure about any type of exercise.

How you do you feel about being pregnant?

Your feelings about your shape may also relate to your feelings about your pregnancy in general. For example, if you’ve been trying for a long time, you may be so happy that you’re finally pregnant that you don’t care how big you get, but if it was unplanned you may resent your growing bump as reminder of what you may perceive as your lost freedom.

The state of your relationship and your partner’s attitude may also come into play. Did you want a baby more than your partner? Or he more than you? Remember, if your partner seems to have lost his libido, it doesn’t mean he finds you unattractive – he may be afraid of harming the baby. The most important thing is to talk about your feelings – with your partner, your friends, midwife, even a counsellor – there’s always someone who can help. And don't forget that there are many kindred spirits on the ThinkBaby Forums.

Feel great about yourself - it's an amazing time

If you’re feeling like a beached whale, here are some tips to make you feel blooming gorgeous:

Treat your toes - Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure (when did you last see your feet?)/facial – it’ll make you feel positively glowing.

Soak yourself - Have a long soak in the bath and rub yourself all over with wonderfully scented body lotions or oils (better still, get your partner to do it for you).

Shop with style - When shopping for maternity wear, don’t go for cover-up tents – there are loads of lovely clothes out there, and there’s something for every pocket, from TopShop and H&M to Blooming Marvellous, Formes, Isabella Oliver, Push and Blossom. You’re bound to find something that suits you. Find out what to look out for and when to buy.

Join the hair care bunch - Your hair will be getting thicker, so make sure it’s in great condition and get a cut that flatters (one that’s easy to look after).

Put your face on - There’s nothing to stop you wearing make-up – a flawless face will always help you feel better. If you’re feeling brave, head for your local department store and get them to give you a mini makeover.

Take pride in what's going on inside you - Never forget that you’re growing a new baby – it’s the most important job in the world. (If that doesn’t make you positively glow with pride, nothing will!)

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