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Healthy Children's Weight Gain

NHS Choices have set up an easy-to-use online system to show parents if their kids are overweight, and to give advice on healthy eating

Posted: 17 September 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

When our children are babies we hurry to the clinic to keep tabs on their weight, we compare pounds and ounces with other new parents and we think about how we feed these new infants. However, the business of everyday life soon takes over and usually by the time our children are over one year old, we forget all about watching their weight.
Of course all children are built differently, but there are average measurements which can help reassure you that your child is developing healthily. It's just that trying to use the Baby Red Book charts you were given when your child was born can get very confusing!
Now the NHS Choices website has launched The Healthy Weight Calculator to help make keeping an eye on your child's weight much easier.

Why we need to keep our children healthy
Currently in the UK, the number of obese children continues to rise with just under one in five children between the ages of two and ten being diagnosed as obese. Children who are overweight are more likely to develop diabetes or heart disease in later life and are more likely be obese as adults, therefore it is important to monitor this from an early age.

NHS Healthy Weight Calculator
NHS Choices have created the Healthy Weight Calculator to help parents monitor their child's weight, simply by entering a child's height, weight, age and date of birth.
Even if a child is not obese, it is vital that parents encourage healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle to ensure problems do not occur in the future. To help parents with this, the NHS Choices website also provides practical information about how to manage this.
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